The guys at Desert Thunder sure do love their motorcycles and trikes! Not only do they spend all day crankin’ on them, they spend a lot of their weekends on rides, at events, or just hanging out with other riders!

Desert Thunder Motorcycle Shop is not only a service-oriented repair shop where the salesman (that would be Randy Slimp at the front counter) knows you by first name and the guys in back (led by chief mechanic Dolan Slimp) are intimately familiar with your ride, but they are also the hub of motorcycle culture in Lake Havasu. The Slimp brotheres are frequently holding bar-b-ques, chilli cook-offs, ride nights, and Sunday rides with their motorcycle and trike buddies!

They’re straight talkers that don’t hold anything back – and they love to trade jokes and jests with their customers. They take their work seriously – but not themselves. Not only do they work hard, but they play hard, too.

Here’s a picture of the gang at a recent event – The Big Boys Toys show at the airport:

Big Boys Toys
Across the top you have Randy Slimp, Dolan Slimp, Don Calkin, and Robi The Thundergirls in front are Rosalia and Natalie

And here’s a picture of the Chilli Fest they had recently – rearranged the whole shop, they did!

Chilli Fest

Here they are taking a big family photo!


And those rides I mentioned? Here’s a picture from one of them! Check out these rides!